Bronson (2008)

Directed By – Nicolas Winding Refn

Screenplay By – Brock Norman Brock & Nicolas Winding Refn

Cinematography By – Larry Smith

Starring Tom Hardy

92 min.

HOLY SHIT! This movie is fucking crazy! The first thirty minutes are really where the meat is at, but the entire movie is pretty fucking nuts. If you like weird and bizarre (which I LOVE) then you will like this movie. If you like crazy good acting then you will like this movie. Tom Hardy is absolutely superb as Charles Bronson/Michael Peterson, Britain’s most violent inmate ever. Somehow Refn finds a way to stylistically match Bronson’s crazy only to create a tornado of crazy. Have I mentioned that this movie is crazy?!

There is also a ton of Tom Hardy penis in this movie. That is neither a plus nor a minus for me, but trust me, after you watch this movie you will also talk about Tom Hardy’s penis. This movie probably shows the most flaccid penis of any one man that I have ever seen. Again neither a plus nor a minus, just saying.

The parts I love most are the moments when Bronson is addressing an audience as the host of a one man show (see scary Tom Hardy clown above). These moments did not happen in real life (Bronson did not actually have a one man show) but are extremely creepy and are where you get to learn the most about the man Bronson. These inserts are brilliant from both Hardy and Refn. For me, there were not enough of these moments.

The main problem with this film is that the Bronson character never changes. He wants to be in prison and he stays in prison. He wants to fight guards so he fights guards. Therefore the movie doesn’t really go anywhere, not just in terms of character development but spatially the movie is basically entirely in prison, i.e. repetative. That is why the first act, the introduction to the character plus the crazy (yes that word again) moments of Bronson’s one man play, in which the most are featured in the first thirty minutes, really stands out as the best act of the movie.

Watch the first thirty minutes, be weirded out and then watch something else. Did I mention that you get to see a guy poop into his own hand? Awesome!


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