The Conversation (1974)

Directed By – Francis Ford Coppola

Screenplay By – Francis Ford Coppola

Cinematography By – Bill Butler

Starring Gene Hackman

113 min.

This movie turned out to be way stranger than I expected. Gene Hackman’s character Harry Caul is as introverted as they come and Hackman plays it so well. It’s actually quite an unusual character to see Hackman play, who is usually loud and powerful with all the confidence in the world, but Caul is emotionally frail and paranoid, and very unsure of himself.

To no surprise the film is cinematically spectacular for a simple thriller. The premise itself is cinematic as the character’s job is to tape and listen to conversations, with sound being a trait eluding both paintings (still photography included) and literature. The shot compositions are terrific. Just take a look at the opening shot and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Between this and Dracula, along with The Godfather series Coppola is quickly becoming one of my favorite directors (next up is Apocalypse Now, can’t wait!).

I recommend any film fan to watch this movie, I recommend anyone who wants to watch a really interesting thriller to watch this movie. It really is so unique compared to the piles of conventional thrillers we get today.


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