Anatomy of a Murder (1959)

Directed By – Otto Preminger

Screenplay By – Wendell Mayes

Based on the Novel By – John D. Voelker (as Robert Traver)

Cinematography By – Sam Leavitt

Starring (The One and Only) James Stewart

160 min.

Yes! I fucking love America! There is something about great court movies that fills me with patriotism, and boy does this movie do that, and a lot more. Watch this movie! This is one of the quickest 160 minutes I have ever experienced. This movie is simply amazing. Suspense, drama, humor, sex, mystery, murder, rape, lies, deceit, and a terrific James Stewart. Court movies can be boring and predictable and then they can be Anatomy of a Murder. Seriously, they don’t get any better than this. If you like the law, the search for justice, a great defense and a great prosecution going back and forth in a heavy weight boxing match, for gosh sakes if you like America, watch this movie! The movie is so great that you’re not exactly sure what (who) is right or wrong by the end of it. Put yourself one of the most exciting jury seats in movie history and watch this trial.


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