Tusk (2014)

Directed By – Kevin Smith

Screenplay By – Kevin Smith

Cinematography By – James Laxton

Starring Justin Long & Michael Parks

102 min.

Fucking hell man! I laughed my ass off watching this movie. I even teared up a couple of times. Kevin Smith has somehow made something both hilarious and horrific, and wrapped it in a filmic bow for us to watch. This is movie is definitely not for everyone. In fact some people will/would hate this movie (or throw up, or be extremely disturbed, or be mortified, or find it stupid and unfunny, etc.). For me, this was everything I wanted in a movie who’s premise is “A man gets kidnapped and turned into a walrus”. The idea is ridiculous and grotesque and so is the movie. The tone of this movie is perfect for what it is. Justin Long is great as a douchebag podcaster, and Michael Parks is down right hysterical as a man so obsessed with walruses that he will go to any lengths to have one of his own. There’s not much more to say about this one then it’s a bloody good time and if you like the weird, ridiculous, and gruesome and can take it all with a campy grain of salt then you will fucking love this movie. Go see it, and see it on a big screen if you can.


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