Hit and Run (2012)

Directed By – David Palmer & Dax Shepard

Screenplay By – Dax Shepard

Cinematography By – Bradley Stonesifer

Starring Dax Shepard & Kristen Bell

100 min.

Hit and Run is a fun movie. This is the kind of movie that I think most people are looking for on Netflix. It is just fun, well acted (with actors you know), cool stunts, and relatively funny. It’s a light hearted, happy-go-lucky movie that has a married couple (Dax and Kristen are married in real life) playing a couple going through an interesting time in their relationship (a very interesting time, that involves lethal criminals and crazy jealous ex-boyfriends). This movie also has crazy cool cars doing crazy cool stunts. That being said it is not really a “boys” movie, there are just enough car stunts for guys to be excited but not enough to alienate its female audience. Hit and Run is a “perfect” Netflix film as it offers 100 minutes of fun escapist entertainment for almost any audience (children excluded).


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