License to Drive (1988)

Directed By – Greg Beeman

Screenplay By – Neil Tolkin

Cinematography By – Bruce Surtees

Starring Corey Haim & Corey Feldman

88 min.

I watched this movie because of the Corey tag team that I was promised by Netflix. If you don’t know, the pair of young Coreys were in a movie together (The Lost Boy (1987)) a year before the shit pancake that is License to Drive in which they steal the movie as kid vampire hunters. So because I have a soft spot for the two, and I’m sure that others have this soft spot and that is why this movie got made, I wanted to see the duo in another flick. Turns out I actually DIDN’T want to see the duo in another flick if that flick was going to be License to Drive. Maybe you were around in the 80’s and remember this movie with some sort of fond nostalgia and you’re thinking “Aaron, you’re crazy! This movie is a classic!”, well I’m here to tell you you are very very wrong. Go watch The Lost Boys, but please stay away from this movie.


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