Reel Injun (2009)

Directed By – Neil Diamond, Catherine Bainbridge & Jeremiah Hayes

Cinematography By – Edith Labbe

85 min.

I always enjoy a good film history documentary and Reel Injun delivers with its unique insight into the stereotyped world of the Native American as seen through the lens of American film. With interviews from notable filmmakers like Clint Eastwood and Jim Jarmusch, to film historians and activists, Reel Injun shows how and why the depictions of Native Americans have changed throughout the last century.

The most fascinating story that I learned from Reel Injun was how in 1972 during the Academy Awards, Marlon Brando had Native American actress Sachen Littlefeather attend the Academy Awards and accept the award on his behalf (see above picture and attached link The speech was her telling Hollywood that Brando cannot accept the award because of Hollywood’s portrayal of Native Americans and because of the recent massacring at Wounded Knee.

If you’re interesting in learning about Native Americans and learning about them through the lens of American film history then check out this movie.


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