Grand Piano (2013)

Directed By – Eugenio Mira

Screenplay By – Damien Chazelle

Cinematography By – Unax Mendía

Starring Elijah Wood (Post-Frodo) & John Cusack

90 min.

This movie is a sleeper pick. Delivering exactly what it promises with the trailer, Grand Piano is suspenseful, fun, has terrific classical music, and a decently ridiculous story. This Phone Booth-like story, man on the phone with another man in a enclosed space threatening the man to kill him or his wife if he doesn’t play along, works well between Elijah Wood and John Cusack. What I particularly enjoyed about this version is the classical music element of it all, Elijah Wood’s character is a master pianist who is playing a recital with an orchestra when he is contacted by Cusack’s character and told his wife will be shot if he plays one wrong note during the concert.

Visually this movie also delivers. The theater is beautifully shot along with the piano and the terrific red curtain behind Wood and his piano. The cinematography works well and helps move the story along. The only problem is that Cusack’s motivation is rather absurd. It’s a fun and unique motivation, but absurd nonetheless.

Elijah continues to work on interesting movies (i.e. Maniac, not for the light-hearted) and Cusack gives a nice Cusack performance.

I really enjoyed this movie and think that most people who can handle the ridiculous and suspenseful will find it fun entertainment.


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