Re-Animator (1985)

Directed By – Stuart Gordon

Screenplay By – Dennis Paoli, William J. Norris & Stuart Gordon

Based on the Story By – H.P. Lovecraft

Cinematography By – Mac Ahlberg

Starring Jeffrey Combs & Bruce Abbott

104 min.

A super campy gore-fest! If that word combination doesn’t get you excited then this movie probably isn’t for you.

I first saw this movie last October during my October Horror Movie Month Marathon and boy is it a classic. I kicked off this OHMMM by watching Re-Animator and was a great decision that was. It’s a quick easy watch with enough blood to satisfy any blood obsessed weirdo like myself. The story is obviously out of its mind and banks on the fact that you can throw realism aside, which I can and wish to do at all occasions.

The acting is campy, the cinematography is campy, they use the Psycho theme which is actually pretty awesome and extremely campy, and overall all the aspects film snobs like to discuss aren’t particularly good but for some reason this movie is a classic. Oh yeah, maybe its because there is a headless rape scene! Oh yeah, you read that right, headless rape. I think I will end there because headless rape speaks for itself and it sums up this movie perfectly.


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