Se7en (1995)

Directed By – David Fincher

Screenplay By – Andrew Kevin Walker

Cinematography By – Darius Khondji

Starring By – Morgan Freeman & Brad Pitt

127 min.

Not having watched Se7en in full in a while I didn’t realize how much I fucking love this movie. I’m fairly confident now that this is the best detective movie of all time. It’s simply brilliant. Every aspect is perfect. Maybe it is because I have finally fully understood how complex the relationship is between Somerset (Freeman) and Mills (Pitt) and how truly tragic this entire story is for the two.

This is an extremely intelligent film where single lines of dialogue (if heard or not) and single shots (if fully absorbed or not) will change your entire understanding of what is really going on. I cannot praise this movie enough. It is dark and dealing with a dark subject matter but the idea behind it all is all too human. Are people good, are we all just sinners? Se7en reaches for the stars to ask this question.


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