The Skeleton Twins (2014)

Directed By – Craig Johnson

Screenplay By – Mark Heyman & Craig Johnson

Cinematography By – Reed Morano

Starring Kristen Wiig & Bill Hader

93 min.

The Skeleton Twins is no more or less than a fine indie dramedy. Personally I find movies like Our Idiot Brother more entertaining because of how light-hearted it is even if Twins is actually a better movie. I will say that Twins is a terrific vehicle for both Wiig or Hader into more serious roles if that’s something either of them are interested to do in the future (which I’m guessing they are seeing as they did a movie like this one). While there is a whole butt-load of seriousness to this movies, when Twins decides to be funny it is really really funny. Two scenes in particular are hilarious between Wiig and Hader, and Luke Wilson as Wiig’s husband is the funniest I’ve seen either of the Wilson brothers in a while.

The Skeleton Twins isn’t a must see in theaters but it does deserve to be seen when it comes out on Netflix, etc. especially if you like these two SNL studs.


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