Contracted (2013)

Directed By -Eric England

Screenplay By – Eric England

Cinematography By – Mike Testin

Starring Najarra Townsend

78 min.

What I love about October Halloween Horror Movie Month Marathon is that I watch I lot of horror films I wouldn’t normally watch over the year. What I hate about October Halloween Horror Movie Month Marathon is that a lot of those movies suckass.

Like a lot of these movies the idea is there, a woman has unsafe sex with some dude who infects her with a virus that makes her become a zombie…well actually now that I wrote that out it sounds like a ridiculous idea. I digress. But not only is the premise absurd, it turns out that this anonymous dude who we never find out about (like how is he able to spread a zombie virus through intercourse without being a zombie himself?) has unprotected sex with and infects the DUMBEST girl ever! Our female protagonist Samantha is so worried that her lesbian lover Nikki, who happens to not want anything to do with Samantha anymore, will find out about her “quickie” in the back seat of this dudes car that she refuses to believe that she needs help. Her vagina literally has maggots dropping from it and she doesn’t want to get help! How dumb can one person be! It’s like “Oh, I’m vomiting blood, my maggot filled vagina is bleeding profusely, but I can’t have Nikki find out that I had sex with that sketchy dude cause then she won’t love me.” Well guess what Sam honey, Nikki not loving you won’t be a big problem in about two days because you’ll be a fucking zombie! Also the directing and acting is bad.

And that’s all I got to say about that.


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