Detention (2011)

Directed By – Joseph Kahn

Screenplay By – Joseph Kahn & Mark Palermo

Cinematography By – Christopher Probst

Starring Josh Hutcherson & Shanley Caswell

93 min.

After a super interesting opening scene and a hyper stylized credits sequence, I thought I was in for a fantastically fun 93 minutes of viewing. Boy was I wrong. Maybe Detention was suppose to be a four hour post-modern horror epic but they had to cut it down to 93 minutes of chaoticness, or Kahn and Palermo do a lot of drugs and don’t know how to make a coherent movie. I’m guessing the later but for these dudes hoping the former.

THIS MOVIE MAKES NO FUCKING SENSE! I mean I guess I understand what the fuck is going on, but this movie overcomplicates every fucking thing and by doing so loses any of the fun it sets itself up to be. It also isn’t scary at all, which even if it wasn’t trying to be (and it totally was trying to be) was disappointing for me. I don’t think this movie knows if its a slasher film, a high school relationship movie, a comedy,   maybe its an alien movie or wait, is it a fucking time travel movie?! WHAT THE FUCK!


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