Candyman (1992)

Directed By – Bernard Rose

Screenplay By – Bernard Rose

Based on the story “The Forbidden” by Clive Barker

Cinematography By – Anthony B. Richmond

Starring Virginia Madsen & Tony Todd

99 min.

I expected Candyman to be a stupid campy horror movie, with bad directing, poor acting, and a pretty pathetic story. I love being wrong! Candyman is everything I thought it wasn’t going to be and boy what a good surprise that was. Candyman is not only scary with classic jump moments, but it has a good logical (as far as horror movies are concerned) story and extremely impressive production elements (directing, acting, sets, music).

The Candyman himself was a super interesting character as I was both scared of him, but slightly rooted for him too. He’s a smart villain who’s extremely diabolical, and he’s also a romantic. Between the Candyman’s motives and what he puts the protagonist Helen through, mixed with the elements of the South side of Chicago, all the aspects of Candyman come together to create an impressive product.

If you’re a skeptic as I was, I promise you, you’re wrong. Watch Candyman.


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