Halloween (1978)

Directed By – John Carpenter

Screenplay By – John Carpenter & Debra Hill

Cinematography By – Dean Cundey

Starring Donald Pleasence & Jamie Lee Curtis

91 min.

I had never seen Halloween in full before so this year I went to a 10:30 night screening at a local theater on October 30th with a friend. While you would think everyone going to this screening are going because they love Halloween the film or are film fans, the majority of the crowd laughed it’s way through the screening. Maybe this is how they enjoy this film, but the laughs all seemed to come from the age of everything as ironic rather than because the moments of the film were actually funny. While I was able to block out most of the laughter I will say I was disappointed with my fellow viewers.

But as far as Halloween the film goes, I was super happy with watching this movie when I did. It wasn’t exactly what I had expected so I’m most excited for repeat viewings in Octobers to come, now that I know what I’m getting into. What Halloween proves is that I am at a constant battle with how I was raised to watch movies (and how Hollywood cultivates us to watch movies) versus what my philosophies on film are.

While watching Halloween it comes as no surprise that Jamie Lee will become a star, she commands the audience’s attention every time she’s on screen.

Halloween is a perfect Halloween film and I’m glad I caught it for this years October Horror Halloween Movie Month Marathon.

God Bless America.


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