Nightcrawler (2014)

Directed By – Dan Gilroy

Screenplay By – Dan Gilroy

Cinematography By – Robert Elswit

Starring Jake Gyllenhaal

117 min.

If there were more movies like Nightcrawler we’d either live in a better more understanding world or a society full of psychopaths. Either way, there probably should be more movies like Nightcrawler because it was fucking good.

Gyllenhaal is a beast, a scary creepy ultra-resourceful beast as Louis Bloom. I mean Gyllenhaal’s eyes are so wide throughout this entire movie, his neck so long, and his hair so greasy that he isn’t Jake Gyllenhaal on screen but Louis Bloom. He’s not “unrecognizable” because there are no prosthetics or intense make-up, but it’s Gyllenhaal being completely and utterly someone else. It’s beautiful.

The story itself is awesome, critiquing modern news programming while increasing the stakes with a deliberate and steady progression. Louis Bloom is a psycho that quickly understands what sells and uses that knowledge to exploit situation after situation.

Louis Bloom isn’t a robot, but he has very little humanity in him, just like TV news programming.

God Bless America


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