Thanks for Sharing (2012)

Directed By – Stuart Blumberg

Screenplay By – Stuart Blumberg & Matt Winston

Cinematography By – Yaron Orbach

Starring Mark Ruffalo, Tim Robbins & Josh Gad

112 min.

Going into this movie I thought it was a romantic comedy. Maybe I thought that because it’s kind of billed that way, but it’s actually simply an indie film with comedy and drama layered throughout with a heavy subject matter at its heart, addiction. The movie is truly not about one specific character but a few characters who are all sex addicts, among other things.

Thanks for Sharing has some extremely awkward dialogue sequences, and not on purpose. The actors seem to be improvising for a bit and it doesn’t work at all, but this happens mostly in the beginning of the film.

Then there is the relationship between Mark Ruffalo and Gwyneth Paltrow. I’m not sure if their relationship is so awkward because again they are improvising and are bad at it, or if they just don’t have very good screen chemistry together. Ruffalo is a great actor and Paltrow is still an extremely attractive woman, but it doesn’t work and they know it.

Luckily for us all, Josh Gad saves the day. After breaking through the awkward dialogue sequences in the beginning of the movie, Gad saves the day by bringing the emotional weight and reality of what it means to be a sex addict. Gad’s character also has a blooming relationship with Pink (yes, Pink is in this movie) and the two of them together make this movie worthwhile. They even have a nice duet together.

Oh, yeah, Tim Robbins is in this movie. I think Tim Robbins forgot that he was in it too for the first hour, but he finally brings what is expected by the end.

I’m extremely curious as to how this movie was made and what happened during production, because for such a weighty subject and a solid cast, there’s a bunch of screws loose in the first half of this movie. But, somehow, luckily, the ship got turned around and made something worth watching.

God Bless America


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