The Wrestler (2008)

Directed By – Darren Aronofsky

Screenplay By – Robert Siegel

Cinematography By – Maryse Alberti

Starring Mickey Rourke

109 min.

The Wrestler is, well, it’s a powerhouse of a film. It may not be my favorite Aronofsky film but there’s no denying how well this movie works and how brutally honest it is.

In terms of the technical, most of the shots are hand held to give it a quasi-documentary feel. But also some of the shots are so simple that it feels like it could be an amateur making this movie, yet it all works and works very very well.

Mickey Rourke is fucking phenomenal. Plain and simple, Rourke takes this movie to another level. The supporting cast of Marisa Tomei and Evan Rachel Wood definitely give the movie depth but every scene rests of Rourke’s shoulder and he handles the burden with ease.

The ending is perfect. After an hour and a half of watching a broken man try and form intimate relationships with the women around him, he realizes that the only place that accepts him is inside the ring. The last shot (to me) is ambiguous and whether or not (SPOILER ALERT!) you think he dies at the end, the emotional weight is unavoidable.

Bravo Aronofsky and Rourke.

God Bless America


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