My Left Foot (1989)

Directed By – Jim Sheridan

Screenplay By – Shane Connaughton & Jim Sheridan

Cinematography By – Jack Conroy

Starring Daniel Day-Lewis & Brenda Fricker

103 min.

Wow! Daniel Day-Lewis, wow! Besides this being an incredibly fascinating story, Daniel Day-Lewis makes you believe he has cerebral palsy. Halfway through the movie you don’t even think of Day-Lewis as an actor, but as Christy Brown, the artist with cerebral palsy. The movie itself goes quickly, never lingering too long, even towards the end, a trap several bio-pics fall into. No, My Left Foot is captivating for start to finish.

While the directing is great, My Left Foot comes down to story and acting. The story is mesmerizing and making it come to life the way Day-Lewis and Fricker do is mind-blowing. It also helps that when you see the younger Christy Brown (Day-Lewis’s character) the young actor is really convincing as well. The younger actor is a great opener for Day-Lewis’s performance and it all comes together in what amounts to a great movie.

This is a movie that explores Irish culture and genetic diseases while being a platform for a tour de force in acting. Christy Brown is an extraordinary human being with as unique of a story as they come.

God Bless America


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