The Trial (1962)

Directed By – Orson Welles

Screenplay By – Orson Welles

Based on the Novel By – Franz Kafka

Cinematography By – Edmond Richard

Starring Anthony Perkins

118 min.

I haven’t read Kafka’s story, but if it’s anything like the movie it’s probably weird as fuck. This movie starts off by describing itself as “dreamlike” and that nicely explains how this movie works. This being my first viewing I know that I’ll have to watch this one again to fully understand some of it. It wasn’t necessarily confusing as much as it was disjointed. I don’t mind that either, but there would be jumps and it would take me a second to reestablish where the movie and the story was. In fact I really liked this style. One second we’re here and the next we’re somewhere completely different. It became somewhat of a game of “Where is the story?”

Welles does an amazing job with a minimal budget and gets a great actor in Perkins to go along for the ride.

If anything The Trial is a test of the audience’s patience and willingness to let a movie go where it will while have very little continuity to help the audience through. The movie isn’t gibberish, it just takes the way we process movies and flips it on it’s head.

All in all, The Trial is a feat in the idea that the cinema can be very much a dreamlike experience.

God Bless America


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