Smoke (1995)

Directed By – Wayne Wang

Screenplay By – Paul Auster

Cinematography By – Adam Holender

Starring Harvey Keitel & William Hurt

112 min.

Smoke is just one of those movies that has great dialogue set in great locations where you get to watch people be people. The conversations feel authentic. The actions seem real. And the whole time there just something light-hearted behind everything. Sometimes the subject matter in certain scenes is heavier than in others, but there’s always something fun behind what is happening. The stakes are never too high and the actions never too traumatic. Smoke is just an even-keeled movie, that let’s you watch the interactions between a man who runs a smoke shop and a novelist who buys his smokes there.

Harvey Keitel and William Hurt are both terrific. They carry the scenes in which they are alone and they work great together in the scenes in which they’re both in. The entire cast does a great job but this is Keitel and Hurt’s movie.

Smoke is a great Brooklyn movie and one that shouldn’t be passed over if you’re looking for high quality entertainment.

God Bless America


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