Antichrist (2009)

Directed By – Lars von Trier

Screenplay By – Lars von Trier

Cinematography By – Anthony Dod Mantle

Starring Willem Dafoe & Charlotte Gainsbourg

108 min.

Whoa! Few movies in recent history have the methodic pace that Antichrist has and then gives you a hell of a final act. This movie is like a hiker steadily climbing up a cliff, taking his time to enjoy his progress, and then when he gets to the top, he jumps off letting gravity take its toll. I absolutely love movies like this. Its completely fuck up and its marvelous. It helps that von Trier appears to be a master at his craft.

Willem Dafoe. Willem Dafoe. Willem Dafoe. The guy is fucking amazing in this movie. Few movies have Dafoe on screen as long as Antichrist does and he is perfect. Dafoe isn’t playing a super villain or some action star but he’s just a therapist trying to help is wife through an extremely hard time in their relationship. Watching Dafoe is amazing and makes you realize how damn good this guy is.

Charlotte Gainsbourg is becoming, if not already is, my favorite actress based on these von Trier movies. She nails every nuance, every facial expression to bring her characters to life and she goes balls to the wall with her characters. Von Trier isn’t fucking around and neither is Gainsbourg. Holy shit. She also loves (or is at least super comfortable) being naked which is refreshing for an actress of her caliber.

God Bless America


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