Nebraska (2013)

Directed By – Alexander Payne

Screenplay By – Bob Nelson

Cinematography By – Phedon Papamichael

Starring Bruce Dern, Will Forte & June Squibb

115 min.

I was really excited when I saw Nebraska was added on Netflix and I immediately watched it.

Nebraska is everything Payne’s previous movie, The Descendants, is not. Nebraska is able to tell a small scale story and make it intimate on a large scale. The black and white cinematography is crisp but it also adds an element of the nostalgia that is essential for telling Nebraska. The shots of Dern and Forte on the road are grand but there’s something of the familiar in all of them.

Dern and Forte both have this vulnerability that makes their relationship with each other all the more fragile yet relatable. And then June Squibb comes in with a bombastic performance to bring all of the elements of an aging American family to light.

Nebraska is an American adventure story at heart but through the lens of a semi-dysfunctional Nebraskan family (immediate and extended) and Payne executes it perfectly. It is both insightful and humorous all while showing the reality of old age and the way the idea of money will affect friends and family.

The score by Mark Orton is one of the best I’ve heard in a long time, creating an American atmosphere that is completely unique for this film.

Nebraska is an movie that should be watched by American young and old alike for there is much to learn from this story.

God Bless America


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