Nymphomaniac: Vol. II

Directed By – Lars von Trier

Screenplay By – Lars von Trier

Cinematography By – Manuel Alberto Claro

Starring Charlotte Gainsbourg & Stellan Skarsgård

123 min.

The second half to von Trier’s sex saga is the tale of the downfall of our lustful protagonist, Joe, played by the excellent Charlotte Gainsbourg. Vol. II isn’t as tantalizing as Vol. I and is therefore less scandalous, but Vol. II still holds an audience’s interest throughout. The relationship between Joe and Seligman is still as interesting as it is in Vol. I even though Seligman’s insights aren’t.

Nymphomaniac: Vol. II is another terrific movie by von Trier. The ending is somewhat unwonted for the two characters, but it does make you think once the credits roll. Watch these two movies, enjoy the full on exploration of sex and desire. And enjoy Gainsbourg and Skarsgård, because they are both brilliant.

God Bless America


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