Fish Tank (2009)

Directed By – Andrea Arnold

Screenplay By – Andrea Arnold

Cinematography By – Robbie Ryan

Starring Katie Jarvis & Michael Fassbender

123 min.

This Netflix hidden gem was superb. Following a girl in a London ghetto (at least I think that’s where she was living, the movie never really tells you), Fish Tank is fascinating from start to finish. Each moment builds around the tension between Mia and her mother’s new boyfriend played by an amazing, and still relatively unknown around this time, Michael Fassbender. It is not just this relationship that builds tension but Mia’s off-the-rails mood swings, you never know what is going to set her off. Katie Jarvis plays Mia to a tee, balancing both a young naivete and hostile youth perfectly.

Fish Tank is a perfect independent film, building on tension and suspense better than most Hollywood movies are able to. Watch Fish Tank and be engrossed in a side of London few movies are able to show with such sincerity.

God Bless America


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