Dumb and Dumber To (2014)

Directed By – Bobby & Peter Farrelly

Screenplay By – Sean Anders, Mike Cerrone, John Morris, Bennett Yellin, & The Farrelly Brothers

Cinematography By – Matthew F. Leonetti

Starring Jim Carrey & Jeff Daniels

109 min.

Being rather skeptical about this sequel I was pleasantly surprised by how much I laughed throughout this movie. There was one joke in particular that had me laughing uncontrollably, but still most of the jokes hit and lead to sincere laughs.

BUT Jeff Daniels is NOT funny. Maybe he never was all that funny, but he is god-awful in his attempt to reprise the character of Harry Dunne. Daniels made me cringe watching him squirm through each joke. Stick to the dramatic stuff Jeff.

Thank the lord for Jim Carrey! Jim Carrey is absolutely hilarious. Carrey makes this a funny movie and a decent sequel to the comedy classic. I love Jim Carrey. I can’t stress how funny Jim Carrey is as Lloyd Christmas. Seriously I love Jim Carrey and wish he would make more comedies like he did when he was younger, because the man still has it! He doesn’t just say his lines to be funny but uses every part of his body to sell his character. This movie could have been as bad as Jeff Daniels but lucky for us Jim Carrey wouldn’t let that happen, giving at least 150% to give us the laughs we deserve.

Don’t expect too much for Dumb and Dumber To because it doesn’t give you much, but it gives you Jim Carrey and at the end of the day, that’s all we really need.

God Bless America


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