Submarine (2010)

Directed By – Richard Ayoade

Screenplay By – Richard Ayoade

Cinematography By – Erik Wilson

Starring Craig Roberts, Yasmin Paige, Noah Taylor & Sally Hawkins

97 min.

After watching twenty interesting minutes of this movie you will quickly learn that this is just a poor-Britshman’s version of Wes Anderson’s Rushmore. It tries to be quirky for the sake of being quirky. It tries to have interesting dialogue for the sake of having interesting dialogue. Yet, I found it lackluster in both quirkiness and interesting dialogue.

The beginning does start off very strong and I was honestly intrigued but somehow Ayoade takes all the steam he builds up in those first few scenes and lets it slowly seep out over the next hour or so before we are left with an empty balloon. Even when the movie gets slightly more interesting again at the end, its too little too late and my attention has already been somewhere else for quite some time.

Erik Wilson’s work as cinematographer is the highlight of this movie and even his solid job can only help this film so much.

I can see the appeal of this movie but it feels like a Wes Anderson hack-job and there are so many other truly original British movies to spend your time on.

God Bless America


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