The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005)

Directed By – Judd Apatow

Screenplay By – Judd Apatow & Steve Carell

Cinematography By – Jack Green

Starring Steve Carell, Catherine Keener, Paul Rudd & Seth Rogen

116 min.

What I consider the Apatow Revolution started with The 40-Year-Old Virgin. The Apatow Revolution changed the way comedies are made and what consists of a Hollywood comedy. While taking Carell and Apatow a step up in the world of celebrity culture, The 40-Year-Old Virgin was Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd’s coming out party. Of course, Rudd had been in the industry a much longer time then Rogen but the two’s association with Apatow would make them comedic stars, especially in their next movie together, Apatow’s Knocked Up (2007).

Everything in this movie is hilarious. It is raunchy yet heartfelt. It doesn’t hold its punches yet it never takes a cheap shot just because. The 40-Year-Old Virgin in my opinion is a perfect comedy using the cast impeccably with a completely original script. It introduced us to a new style of comedy in the heavy influence of improvisation but it also introduced us to a profusion of comedic geniuses that would take over the genre for the next decade to come.

If you haven’t watched The 40-Year-Old Virgin in a while, go watch it because it’s hilarious and brilliant on so many levels.

God Bless America


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