Bad Santa (2003)

Directed By – Terry Zwigoff

Screenplay By – Glenn Ficarra & John Requa

Cinematography By – Jamie Anderson

Starring Billy Bob Thornton, Tony Cox, Brett Kelly, Lauren Graham, Bernie Mac & John Ritter

91 min.

Let’s see, this movie came out in 2003 and I probably saw it in 2005 so that would have made me thirteen. Suffice it to say that much of the hilarity that is Bad Santa was lost on my thirteen-year-old self. Now almost a decade later I found myself watching Bad Santa and I got to admit, it is fucking funny. It’s the story of a grotesque washed-up alcoholic grinch and it plays well.

Billy Bob Thornton kills it as Willie. He’s foul and miserable and his heart grows just enough for us as an audience to feel for him. Tony Cox is great and the scenes with Bernie Mac and John Ritter together are very funny.

It turns out Bad Santa is a great adult holiday movie. If you want to get in the holiday mood, have some laughs, or just be disgusted by a disgustingly drunk Billy Bob put on Bad Santa.

God Bless America


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