Big Hero 6 (2014)

Directed By – Don Hall & Chris Williams

Screenplay By – Jordan Roberts, Daniel Gerson & Robert L. Baird

Cinematography By – DNQ

Starring (Voices of) Scott Adsit & Ryan Potter

102 min.

Big Hero 6 starts off unexpectedly but then gets very predictable as the story progresses. Maybe this is because I watch too many movies or maybe this is because Big Hero 6 is actually intended for children but I found this plot predictable. Call me what you want but I just like some originality in all the movies I see.

That being said, Big Hero 6 is a very cool animated movie. The coolest part about this movie is that it shows kids using technology to better the world. It doesn’t just say “Hey, kids be a superhero,” it says “Hey kids, if you’re smart and innovative then you can create something awesome!” I really like that aspect of this movie.

Big Hero 6 does throw in a good laugh here and there especially with Baymax. You just know that the writers of this movie knew when they had a hit joke with the kids but the jokes deliver.

Big Hero 6 is a fun animated movie and highly kid friendly but it’s nothing groundbreaking.

God Bless America


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