Skyfall (2012)

Directed By – Sam Mendes

Screenplay By – Neal Purvis, Robert Wade & John Logan

Cinematography By – Roger Deakins

Starring Daniel Craig

143 min.

Well Quantum of Solace is complete shit but not because of Daniel Craig. However, I still consider Skyfall Craig’s second true Bond movie and I believe Skyfall delivers the goods. Six years after Craig’s first appearance as Bond, Bond is now the old washed up agent who has to struggle to get back in peak secret agent form (even if he never reaches it). With a receding hairline and a lingering bullet wound issue, Bond must fight for every action he commits. He also comes up against one sick bastard in Javier Bardem’s revenge obsessed portrayal of Silva, an ex secret agent.

Skyfall has everything I need in a Bond movie. It is not perfect, but it is a highly entertaining entry in the British espionage franchise. I think Sam Mendes does a great job getting the franchise back on track and adds a film to the Bond cannon that puts Craig back in the discussion of one of the best Bond’s yet. In my opinion he’s got the second spot on the list under Sean Connery.

Skyfall is more complex then just a spy movie. It is about good versus evil. Old dogs fighting till the last bark. A severe case of mommy issues.

It also shows Bond as being extremely human, which is contrary to basically every Bond movie ever. Bond gets shot, falls off the map, presumed dead, and then doesn’t ever completely recover. Mendes doesn’t just have Bond show back up and be fine, he goes through training and fails. He also gets outsmarted by Silva, another uncommon Bond occurrence.

Skyfall may not be the best Bond movie, but it is a really good one and great one to add to Craig’s list. I would also argue that is has the best opening credit sequence of any Bond movie ever (the 10 minute opening scene is pretty badass too).

God Bless America


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