Take This Waltz (2011)

Directed By – Sarah Polley

Screenplay By – Sarah Polley

Cinematography By – Luc Montpellier

Starring Michelle Williams, Seth Rogen & Luke Kirby

116 min.

I really really like this movie. There’s something about how honest it is that draws me to it. A part of that honesty is that I actually hate Michelle Williams’ character in this movie. I don’t hate her because she is a terrible person but I hate her because she is everything we “don’t” want in our protagonist, i.e. she doesn’t make the “right/good” choice. She does what she wants even when everyone around her tells her she is making a mistake. She isn’t a drug addict or a criminal. She doesn’t kill babies, she merely does what she thinks she needs. She doesn’t even cheat on her husband behind his back, she is just her.

Michelle Williams’ character, Margot, is so unlike anything we get in American cinema that I love to hate her. This is a special movie and one that I will revisit again in the future. It not only a commentary on relationships but about our personal needs in life and what it means to be an individual in this world. Take This Waltz is not just about a marriage it is about the void that exists in all of us as humans and how we handle that void. I really really like this movie.

God Bless America


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