The Cable Guy (1996)

Directed By – Ben Stiller

Screenplay By – Lou Holtz Jr.

Cinematography By – Robert Brinkmann

Starring Jim Carrey & Matthew Broderick

96 min.

From the bits and pieces of The Cable Guy that I had scene throughout my life I always just envisioned this movie to be too dark and not enough humor, I was completely wrong. The first half of this movie is fucking hilarious laugh-out-loud funny! Jim Carrey is hysterical as the Cable Guy. His lisp is hilarious, his movements are hilarious, everything he does in the first forty minutes of this movie is hilarious.

The movie comes down from the high-hilarity right after the karaoke party at Broderick’s character’s apartment. This is when Steven, Broderick’s character, decides to end his friendship with the Cable Guy for good. This is when you get a lot less of Carrey being ridiculous and more of the dark side of what it means to be insane. The following scenes aren’t bad they just don’t have that humor that I was loving so much in the first half of this movie.

The first half of The Cable Guy was one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time and I am realizing with every watch/rewatch of a Jim Carrey movie of how brilliant this man is. Jim Carrey can do no wrong, unfortunately The Cable Guy’s screenplay gets a tighter hold on Carrey in the second half and becomes more plot driven than I would have liked it to be. That being said, The Cable Guy is 100% worth a watch if you haven’t seen it in awhile.

God Bless America

p.s. The Ben Stiller court case in this movie adds to the ridiculousness of this movie in the best way possible


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