48 Hrs. (1982)

Directed By – Walter Hill

Screenplay By – Roger Spottiswoode, Walter Hill, Larry Gross & Steven E. de Souza

Cinematography By – Ric Waite

Starring Nick Nolte & Eddie Murphy

96 min.

If you were to tell me that Walter Hill (director of The Warriors) made a buddy cop movie with Eddie Murphy in Murphy’s first feature role and asked me if I would like to see that motion picture I would quickly respond “Yes please!” And that is exactly what 48 Hrs. is.

48 Hrs. is probably one of the best buddy cop movies ever made. This was my first viewing but everything is there for it to be on my list for quite some time, especially since the Lethal Weapon movies are completely off my radar to due my lifelong Mel Gibson boycott .

Are Nick Nolte and Murphy great together, you bet! Is Murphy the black fast-talking quick-fingered funny-man that balances Nolte’s white hard-hitting take-no-shit-until-the-job-is-done attitude, you bet! Is the story intriguing with solid fight scenes, sex and early Eddie Murphy 80’s racism exploitation, you bet! So what’s there not to like? I don’t know, cause I haven’t found it yet. I was just happy at seeing a young Eddie do what young Eddie does best and that’s be a leading man in an action comedy.

God Bless America


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