The One I Love (2014)

Directed By – Charlie McDowell

Screenplay By – Justin Lader

Cinematography By – Doug Emmett

Starring Mark Duplass & Elisabeth Moss

91 min.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Duplass movie that I haven’t enjoyed in one way or another. Mark and Jay Duplass are brothers that have directed and produced a handful of movies, each film an original take on a classic genre or a completely unique experience in general. Their movies bring a much needed creativeness to American independent cinema.

But as The One I Love is concerned this is true as well but in its own right. With only two actors being on screen for about 98 if not 99% of this movie, what they are able to pull-off and how original the story is is all truly remarkable. This movie is not just captivating but its suspenseful. It is not just a relationship movie but brings to questions what it means to love someone, why you love someone. It raises the question of who are we, what it means for me to be me and you to be you. This movie is just as much a transcendental meditation on self as it is about a struggling marriage.

Hats off to Justin Lader for coming up with something so unique and to Charlie McDowell for being able to actually pull it off, those guys deserve mad praise too.

The One I Love is one of a kind, and I am sincerely astounded at what this movie is able to accomplish. The Duplass Brothers are making/producing/financing the best independent cinema today.

God Bless America


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