The Switch (2010)

Directed By – Josh Gordon & Will Speck

Screenplay By – Allan Loeb

Cinematography By – Jess Hall

Starring Jason Bateman, Jennifer Aniston & Thomas Robinson

101 min.

Life is full of pleasant surprises and The Switch is one of them. I thought this movie would be god awful, literally terrible, and to my delight it wasn’t. Everything in this movie works and works decently well. It also helps that Gordon and Speck found the cutest little kid ever in Thomas Robinson and he kind of looks like a little Jason Bateman, kind of. But it works. If only Jennifer Aniston would just be her character from Horrible Bosses in everything, but alas. Aniston is good though, she get’s the job done, like this movie.

The Switch gives you exactly what it says it would and for that I applaud it. I figured it was giving us the hard sell but it really was just saying what it was, a Hollywood romantic comedy starring Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston in their typical roles, one being the neurotic guy who can’t say how he feels and the other a cute single women who just wants to have someone she connects with, and this time, a kid. The kid is where this movie really surprised me. The little guy is adorable and having him be a little neurotic mini-Bateman is so enjoyable to watch.

Give The Switch a chance and I think you’ll be surprised too, but don’t expect what it’s not, be happy that it’s good at being what it is.

God Bless America


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