Blue Ruin (2013)

Directed By – Jeremy Saulnier

Screenplay By – Jeremy Saulnier

Cinematography By – Jeremy Saulnier

Starring Macon Blair

90 min.

Blue Ruin is a cool little flick. It’s not slow, it’s definitely not slow, but it is methodic. Blue Ruin take a few minutes to pull the rubber band back but once it let’s go this movie snaps into a bloody game of cat and mouse.

It is also a pretty neat detective story for the audience. All of the characters know what is going on, but the audience slowly finds out more and more as the movie goes forward. Blue Ruin isn’t a typical action movie either. It has action but it feels more like the characters are hunting each other in the Virginia wilderness than a classic good guy versus bad guy scenario.

For what it’s worth Blue Ruin is a solid movie with an intense story and gore to spare.

God Bless America


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