St. Vincent (2014)

Directed By – Theodore Melfi

Screenplay By – Theodore Melfi

Cinematography By – John Lindley

Starring Bill Murray, Jaeden Lieberher, Melissa McCarthey & Naomi Watts

102 min.

This movie has Bill f’n Murray in it! Do I really need to say anything else? No. But I will.

St. Vincent is an excellent movie, it really is. Bill Murray and Jaeden Lieberher have a terrific chemistry together, although Bill Murray is always great with kids (see Meatballs (1979)). But still Jaeden Lieberher plays his part as Oliver perfectly. He’s scrawny, a bit small for his size, and does a great job at being the son of newly divorced parents without any friends living in a new house in a new area with his mother (a terrific Melissa McCarthey in an un-obnoxious role).

As coming-of-age movies are concerned St. Vincent ranks right up there with the best of them as it is not just the story of the boy but the story of his mentor. In fact, the movie opens and closes with Murray’s character and there is definitely an argument to be made that this is a coming-of-age tale for both main characters. One might even go so far to say it is Vincent’s story and not Oliver’s, although I wouldn’t entirely agree with that sentiment.

The worst, worst, part of this movie is Naomi Watts’ character the Russian, or God knows what, pregnant prostitute Daka. Naomi Watts has the worst most obviously fake accent I’ve ever heard on screen. In a movie that has both laughs and cries, maybe the accent is suppose to be a joke, but unfortunately it is a joke and one that took me out of the movie more so than not. Her character also sounds so stupid, like she just got off the boat from who know’s where and has no idea how the english language works or how to formulate a complete sentence. Literally, her character does not say a complete functional sentence throughout the entire movie. Does she have mental disabilities? No. Then what the hell is going on? The problem is that the character is necessary for the story and for the flow of the movie.

Go see St. Vincent because it is a damn good movie, but beware of Naomi Watts. Lucky for us we have way more Bill Murray and Jaeden Lieberher in this movie than that terrible terrible accent.

God Bless America


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