The To Do List (2013)

Directed By – Maggie Carey

Screenplay By – Maggie Carey

Cinematography By – Doug Emmett

Starring Aubrey Plaza

104 min.

The To Do List is as raunchy as they come. It had plenty of laughs as Aubrey Plaza discusses everything from making out to “cunnilingus”, and of course sex.

Aubrey Plaza is really funny as Brandy Klark, a nerd who has zero sexual experience, and decides to change that during the summer before she enters college. Everyone in this movie is funny. Brandy’s two friends Fiona and Wendy played by Alia Shawkat from Arrested Development and Sarah Steele. As is Bill Hader who plays Willy, Brandy’s boss at her lifeguarding job.

Brandy’s family is also awkward as they discuss sex and the backdoor. No joke, the dad yells “not in the backdoor” multiple times throughout this movie and the mom gives Brandy lube for when she decides to have sex for the first time.

But everyone comes together to make a funny independent comedy about a young girl’s sexual exploration. But please trust me when I say this movie is incredibly dirty so be careful of who you watch this movie with. It will make you extremely uncomfortable if you watch this with your mother no matter your gender.

God Bless America


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