From Russia with Love (1963)

Directed By – Terence Young

Screenplay By – Richard Maibaum

Cinematography By – Ted Moore

Starring Sean Connery & Robert Shaw

115 min.

If Sean Connery wasn’t so badass as James Bond this movie would be somewhat of a dud. I’m sure at the time it was awesome, maybe groundbreaking action, but there isn’t much to this movie. SPECTRE is kind of cool in this one, but never too threatening. Really the plot is blah. Bond doesn’t even really do much besides shoot his gun a few times and look good. The end boat scene isn’t all the climatic either (again, kind of cool, but really nothing exhilarating). I’m sure From Russia with Love doesn’t play as well as it once did.

Robert Shaw as Grant is definitely the best part of this movie. It feels as if Shaw is the real secret agent in this Bond film, hiding behind columns, secretly killing people to make sure Bond is safe just so he can wait for the right time to kill Bond himself. Of course he gets trapped with a typical Bond vs. villain speech that goes on too long, but up until that point Grant is a deadly adversary.

I watched From Russia with Love because I had never seen it before but it will be a long while before I consider a rewatch.

God Bless America


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