A. C. O. D. (2013)

Directed By – Stuart Zicherman

Screenplay By – Ben Karlin & Stuart Zicherman

Cinematography By – John Bailey

Starring Adam Scott, Richard Jenkins & Catherine O’Hara 

88 min.

With a deep cast that includes Amy Poehler, Clark Duke, Jane Lynch, and Jessica Alba, A.C.O.D. is a intimately funny little piece into the world of Adult Children of Divorce.

Adam Scott plays his typical neurotic man-child (think a mix of his characters from Party Down and Parks & Rec) who is dealing with his brother’s idea to get married, plus all of his un-delt with baggage as an A.C.O.D. There are actually way more laughs in A.C.O.D. than I would have thought, giving A.C.O.D. a balanced mix of heart and humor.

Technically A.C.O.D. is crisp and clean. The story itself is thus far untold in the America story canon and gives those who have had divorced parents a chance to laugh at all the quirks and hardships that come with their parents decision once they as children have become adults while it gives those who have parents that stuck together a look into a family dynamic they are unaccustomed to.

A.C.O.D. is worth a watch no matter which side of the parental coin you lie on.

God Bless America


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