As Above, So Below (2014)

Directed By – John Erick Dowdle

Screenplay By – Drew Dowdle & John Erick Dowdle

Cinematography By – Léo Hinstin

Starring Perdita Weeks & Ben Feldman

93 min.

As Above, So Below is exactly what I wanted it to be. It is one of those relatively low budget hand-held horror films and I think it is at least on par with what I want from these type of movie. It’s more fun than scary and there’s nothing groundbreaking about it but it did give me enough ways in which it differs from most that I was pleasantly surprised. What I really liked about this movie (SPOILER!) is that not everyone dies in it. Usually in these movies everyones a goner and you basically watch the entire time wondering in which order everyone dies and when the main character is going to get the axe. Well As Above, So Below lets some of its characters see the light of day once again, in order for them to tell their tale of horror no doubt.

As Above, So Below also has this theme of magic that is very unique. It isn’t purely that they are in hell or that they are in a demon tunnel, but that they are somehow infiltrating a magically booby-trapped area where magic, not the devil is manipulating them. They are also looking for the philosopher’s stone aka the sorcerer’s stone which already has popular culture implications i.e. Harry Potter, which just adds another layer of depth to the story and the purpose of the characters goal.

Stylistically it is nothing new, but it is well acted and the French actors (or at least accents) work well with the American accents.

All in all I enjoyed my time watching As Above, So Below and it gave me exactly what I expected and just a tad bit more.

God Bless America


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