I, Frankenstein (2014)

Directed By – Stuart Beattie

Screenplay By – Kevin Grevioux & Staurt Beattie

Cinematography By – Ross Emery

Starring Aaron Eckhart

92 min.

There are so many questions and questionable things that come to mind when watching I, Frankenstein I’m not quite sure where to begin. First, what the hell is hunk Aaron Eckhart doing playing Frankenstein’s monster. Eckhart is probably top ten of least likely candidates for looking like Frankenstein’s monster yet your going to tell me this sexy man stud is the monster that everyone fears and has no soul. One look at that chest and six-pack and I’m going to tell you this guy is no soulless monster. Looks aside the story is ridiculous. Essentially Frankenstein’s Monster is thrown into a war between Gargoyles (they’re angels, dammit, beings that come from Heaven are called angels) and Demons led by Bill Nighy?

Basically the story is a ripoff of the Underworld franchise, which also had Bill Nighy as the bad guy (which is weird and makes me realize how much better Underworld is than this movie). But what really doesn’t make sense is if this is a war between Angels and Demons once they are killed (ascended and descended back to Heaven and Hell) why can’t they both just come back to Earth? Also if this is a war for Earth why are they only in one city that appears to be a mile wide? Shouldn’t the war be in cities far and wide spanning the entire Earth for which they are fighting? Oh did I mention Aaron Eckhart is Frankenstein’s Monster?! Or that Bill Nighy is in this movie?! Like they can’t even have an original villain.

Watch this movie, don’t watch this movie, I don’t care because neither did the filmmakers.

God Bless America


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