Instructions Not Included (2013)

Directed By – Eugenio Derbez

Screenplay By – Guillermo Ríos, Leticia López Margalli & Eugenio Derbez

Cinematography By – Martín Boege & Andrés León Becker

Starring Eugenio Derbez & Loreto Peralta

122 min.

Instruction Not Included is funny and heartfelt, it’s topical, and overall it’s just a very nice film. Eugenio Derbez makes you fall in love with an irresponsible man who is left with a baby. As a father he goes to California to try and give back the baby to her mother but ends up doing stunt work in Hollywood for the next several years providing for his daughter but never learning to speak English.

No se Aceptan Devoluciones (Spanish Title) takes you on a ride of emotions, blending comedy and family drama very well. Unfortunately, there’s a pretty big plot hole but it would also spoil the movie if I were to discuss it here. Essentially the movie sacrifices logic for a twist which I would always argue against but it is what it is. However, Instructions Not Included is still worth watching and Loreto Peralta is adorable as the daughter.

God Bless America


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