Blancanieves (2012)

Directed By – Pablo Berger

Screenplay By – Pablo Berger

Cinematography By – Kiko de la Rica

Starring Marcarena García & Sofía Oria

104 min.

Blancanieves is interesting but at the end of the day isn’t a very good movie. I think the problem with this Spanish Snow White is that it tries to cover up its surrealism with absurdism and basically ends up with a commitment problem. Another major major problem is that the dwarves are the most basic bland characters in the film. Out of the six dwarves only two are really given a character trait, and only one trait each at that. One is jealous and one is in love, but that’s not enough to make solid characters, and the movie spends a good 35-40 minutes with the dwarves. Also while the story is called Snow White, the movie is more of a Cinderella story than anything, just another problem with this film. I think the first 45 minutes of this movie are very solid and the style is interesting but once Cermencita (played Sofía Oria who is terrific) grows up the story gets stale and the style becomes lackluster.

No need to really see this one unless your interested in a new age silent film.

God Bless America


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