Inherent Vice (2014)

Directed By – Paul Thomas Anderson

Screenplay By – Paul Thomas Anderson

Based on the Novel By – Thomas Pynchon

Cinematography By – Robert Elswit

Starring Joaquin Phoenix, Joanna Newsom, Katherine Waterston, Josh Brolin, Benicio Del Toro & Owen Wilson

148 min.

Inherent Vice is a hodgepodge, mixed-up, bundle of hilarity. Half the time I couldn’t follow what the hell the characters were saying to each other and the other half I was girthily laughing in my seat along with the rest of the audience.

As PT Anderson’s first adapted screenplay, versus his usual originals, I find Inherent Vice to not be as grand as his other movies, but I do believe Vice is probably his funniest. And, even though I haven’t read the novel or any other Pynchon book, I’m led to believe that this adaptation is as close to a faithful film version as humanly possible.

Like in all PTA movies, the acting is superb, the cinematography is spot on, the costume design is fantastic, and the music choices are perfect. The story itself is clearly not a PTA original and that is Inherent Vice’s only pitfall.

For those of you who like the absurd, the weird, the quirky, or just love a ridiculous time of trying to figure out what the fuck is going on, go see Inherent Vice.

God Bless America


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