La Ciénaga (2001)

Directed By – Lucrecia Martel

Screenplay By – Lucrecia Martel

Cinematography By – Hugo Colace

Starring Mercedes Morán & Graciela Borges

103 min.

La Ciénaga starts off with a highly bizarre and stylized sequence but then becomes too much of a realist film for me to enjoy. Thinking about this movie and the relationships between the characters is more interesting than actually watching the relationships on screen and to me that makes this an interesting film yet a boring one. The idea of this film is that it’s about a family belonging to the Argentinian aristocracy on summer vacation somewhere in Argentina. And that their summer vacation is a rather humdrum one, making the movie as dull as their vacation.

There are weird hints of incest that plague this movie but nothing that comes to fruition. The things that aren’t said in this movie are more interesting than what is said but on a surface level none of the characters change from beginning to end and all of them are relatively static characters. The performances are all very good but that doesn’t do enough for me to enjoy this film on a first viewing. I will say this movie has a strange enough undertone that I might find myself liking later in life, but for now I find it as nothing all that special.

God Bless America


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