Sidewalls (2011)

Directed By – Gustavo Taretto

Screenplay By – Gustavo Taretto

Cinematography By – Leandro Martínez

Starring Javier Drolas & Pilar López de Ayala

95 min.

Sidewalls is intersting film. It looks great with a very nice style, focusing a lot on the architecture of Buenos Aires but also focusing on these two individuals who eventually find each other in the midst of technology’s distancing effect. Essentially you know that these two are going to end up together so it is not so much about their relationship with each other but their relationship with the city around them and how they eventually get together. I will say the ending is so quick that it’s a little ridiculous and disappointing but that’s not really the point of the movie.

In terms of aesthetic I really liked this movie and the acting by the two main characters is terrific, with Pilar López de Ayala really showing us that she’s got talent. Sidewalls or Medianeras, is an interesting film and I’m glad I watched it but I wouldn’t be surprised if not everyone agrees.

God Bless America


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