Te Presento a Laura (2010)

Directed By – Fez Noriega

Screenplay By – Martha Higareda

Cinematography By – Jerónimo Denti

Starring Martha Higareda & Kuno Becker

90 min.

Te Presento a Laura is just not a very good movie. The plot is not only ridiculous but has tons of holes in it. And as far as a romantic comedy goes, it’s not all that funny. It does get better half way through but overall it’s just not good. Things like having the protagonist, Laura, wear this stupid hat to try and make her “look” cute even when she already is a very attractive girl, but that hat is clearly trying too hard and it’s not like she has a huge hat collection she just has this one hat, and it’s a beanie and it’s not even cold out.

I will say Kuno Becker as Sebastián bring a realness to this film that it definitely needs. He also creates a chemistry between him and Martha Higareda that is hard to deny, but besides him this movie is a mess. Things like Sebastián’s agent (Sebastián is an actor) but his agent is either the strangest looking man alive or this movie did the worst make-up job ever on this guy. Either way it was unnecessary to make the man look so absurd.

Please let my viewing not be in vain by listening to me when I say don’t watch this movie.

God Bless America


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