Una Noche (2012)

Directed By – Lucy Mulloy

Screenplay By – Lucy Mulloy

Cinematography By – Trevor Forrest & Shlomo Godder

Starring Anailín de la Rúa de la Torre, Dariel Arrechaga & Javier Núñez Florián

90 min.

Una Noche is a very personal look at three Cuban teenagers who try a set sail for Miami. The first hour a little repetitive as they are trying to accumulate the materials needed for the voyage but once they set sail the movie gets a second wind and makes the first hour more impactful. Especially coming off of news that America is trying to renew relations with Cuba this seemed like a timely watch and an important watch to understand just what it means to be Cuban and what a Cuban life entails. There’s also an interesting dialogue of what happens to Cuban immigrants once they land on American soil.

Unfortunately I have trouble with the climax of this movie for while the rest of the movie seems very believable the climax seems too dramatized. And while what follows is depressing the actual ending seems more likely than the heightened drama of the climax.

That being said I think Una Noche should be watched by all Americans to see why it is so important for us to revitalize a troubled Cuba.

God Bless America


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